Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who is going to bail me out? - Myself... Naturally!

With all the government bail outs in progress and businesses failing and workers being laid off, the domino affect is taking away the American dream. People all across our great country are losing their homes and credit to an uncontrollable bad economy.

What most Americans are asking is "what do I do next... who is going to bail me out?". Frankly, you're going to have to do it yourself!... it will be up to you to re-invent yourself or business (like a chameleon) so that it will blend into and succeed in this failing economy.

A great marketing expert "Gary Halbert" once said "You can't multiply zeros" and of course he was talking about marketing, but how well that fits our current crisis. The government is printing money as fast as it can and there's nothing to back it up but air and zeros. The only way the government will ever recoup the worthless paper will be by taxation and more taxation.

So, it's up to all us Americans to keep our country together and prosper, to bring real value and substance back to the dollar and our American way of life. To do that we at "" will be constantly searching for ways for people in need of incomes to work from home.

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